Tunnel proposal to The Sunshine Coast and to Vancouver Island

In Norway and other countries they build tunnels to every island, at any cost, paid for by toll over as many years as needed, because in combination with bridges,  it is better than a ferry system in the long run.

 tunnel proposal from Alaska to Sibir, then we can build these mole holes in comparison.

About 30 years ago I first proposed the under sea tunnel to The Sunshine Coast and to The Vancouver Island, it is time to renew this idea and develop a proposal. It is very simple, done all over the world, except in BC. You drill a tunnel with the new modern technologies easier than you build a bridge.

This tunnel would start at Horseshoe Bay, first to Bowen Island, next Gambier, Langdale and the Sunshine Cast is fully connected. Or one longer bypassing the islands, but that would be a loss to the islands. They should also be connected.

The next would be a bypass road up the coast from Langdale to Agamemnon, generally following the Hydro line, above Davis Bay and Selma park, and over downtown Sechelt as an vieduct.

A new tunnel probably from Secret Cove area, to Texeda and Lasqueti, and over or under if you will, to Vancouver Island. The ground and rock formations would designate the actual route.

Also to connect Powell River, under the Agamemnon Channel via Nelson Island and to Saltery Bay, bypassing Hardy Island.

A future West Coast Highway to Prince Rupert will start here, with a combination of ferries, tunnels and bridges.

What would be the benefits, apart from pensioning some old ferries ? The toll cost would be the same or less,  for fifteen or more years, until paid for. The travel time and convenience would be the main benefactor. The whole coast would be a bedroom community to Vancouver. Each of the Island trust and the municipalities and regional districts would have decision over any future development.

The total transport time and cost to Vancouver Island and The Sunshine Coast would make it a new great era, before and after the tunnel link. Sosio economic savings and benefits will be enormous, and a detailed study would show that the future is with tunnel link to the mainland.

BC have a history of building tunnels. Remember the railroad tunnel through the Rockies. Same thing, just under sea level. Go to Europe or Asia and see what they do with tunnels, and start planning for this system now.

 Worlds deepest at Eikesund

Undersea tunnels

  A similar tunnel in Norway    and more info

The tunnels are usually three lanes, one down, two up, and plenty of turnaround and emergency stopping places. They are covered with light cement panels, looks like a parking garage, lit up, full cover of radio, mobile and internet. People that used to be scared of driving in tunnels, actually like them.

My proposal, and this is just the very beginning of the plan, will continue on these pages, until it gets its own home page, and in the end the Government will take over and build them. Because the time has come, and it makes sense. Good bye ferries. Tunnels are relative simple to build, easy to maintain, safe to use, and cost efficient in comparison with ferries.

more …….. opening at Eikesund – Tokyo Bay Tunnel

Oh yes, some will say, I found the Sunshine Coast, and like to keep it the way it is now. Forget it, we have to be part of the future, the next generation will demand it !

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