Perfect summer activitiy – fix a boat – go fishing !

My friend James had a 17′ Boston Whaler that needed some clean up and TLC. It had been a few years since last fishing trip. We wanted to go fishing again.

The project begins here.

Railing off, ready to power wash

looks like a lot of work

But, after a day of power washing and stripping it looks like this.

after the first good cleaning

Bowie visiting, enjoying the countryside

nice to work outside

when we were working inside, the deer visited the garden, this around 12 noon

nice visitor

nice visitor, but not so nice eating the cherry tree

bottom done

outside and stripe done

inside being painted

new console ready to install

James and Bowie

console – own design

sort out and re install wiring

ready to install bumper moulding

installed – looks and feels really nice and solid, under the front seat is just room for a standard cooler. Notice new 1″ polyethylene keel, for extra protection.

an old rubber firehose, two strands of 1′ rope and fastened with stainless screws with finishing washers

The side bumper moulding, quite a challenge, sure one could order a new from the factory, very costly, and it would take some time. A black rubber firehose did the same, two strands of one inch rope pulled through, and fastened with stainless steel screws 6″ apart with finishing washers. Looks great, solid and good use of old stuff lying around.

You are wondering how we got the two strands of rope into the hose ? It took some trials and errors. Have the hose on a downhill slope. Take a fine but strong line or rope and flush it through the hose with water. Double your rope, start pull it through the hose using plenty of water. Make sure it does not twist, that would not look good when on the railing. 

Patience and lots of water, together with a couple of pair of strong arms is the key. Would also make a great railing bumper on any dock.

engine back on, but all seized up

back on the trailer

The 1982 Johnson 70 Hp. engine looked ok, but was totally seized up, up and down, sideways, but most difficult was the steering cables, totally frozen, nothing moved.

After plenty of oil, gentle and not so gentle treatment, some swearing, some treaths to replace the whole thing, and use this on for an anchor, things started to loosen up, and after a few days, everything works again.

The boat is now back onto the trailer for the last installations, looking forward to sea trials.

*    *    *    *    *

the Boston Whaler will look something like this when finished

In a week or so the boat will be painted, top and bottom, re installed new console, and look something like the one above. I will post updates.

A nice summer project.

And, some people are still wondering what we do on the Sunshine Coast,

and why we want to live here.

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