Baby Hummingbird – family busy at feeders today

I have seen the nest with the tiny eggs, but this is the youngest baby hummingbird visiting. Barely able the fly a few feet at the time.

Baby hummingbird, have yet not figured out where the feed is, and needed a rest

3 at one feeder

friend or foe

room to feed for all

some friendly fights for the best spot

faster than my camera shutter

baby resting – size of a pea pod

such a pretty bird

baby resting on a pea wine

eying the flowers, not sure how to get there

This baby hummingbird hang around for hours, only flying a few feet on each flight, resting a lot. Eventually tried every flower, and finally also found out how the get the sugarwater from the feeders. It would sit and rest on places where hummingbirds normally would not perch, like on my car.

Such a nice visitor, made my day !

collage of hummingbirds at the feeder – click on to enlarge

collage of baby hummingbird

Enjoy !

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