4 Owlets – baby owls – around all day

Later same day: 

mother owl near by

two owlets on a birdhouse

owlet on a birdhouse

same owlet

As I came outside, getting the camera ready, the mother owl launched from the nearest tree, cruised within a hands reach of me, and to her owlets.

I expect them to stay around for a long time, lots of food, including small garden snakes,

if they like them, I don’t.

* * * * * *

I have posted pictures of the adult Short Eared Owls, for a few days I have heard a strange bird sound, weak baby talk – this morning I spotted the first owlet,


and the second,

owlet 2

and then the third,  in the trees a few feet away. One moved to another branch.  What a sight. My day is made.

And then, this afternoon I spotted a lump on a branch, Owlet 4, about half the size of the others, and laying on the branch, not perching, a quite little one.

4th Owlet, half the size of the others

head turning, following me, about 10 m up in the air

like a cat on the branch

They are about 3/4 size of the adult, not good fliers, and positioned for a short glide to the bird and squirrel feeders.

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