You will never see this again !

Venus next passage over the Sun is in 2117, this is your chance to see this astronomical event.

Blue zone can see the event around sunset, grey not at all, and green at sun up.

SJELDENT: I natt finner et av de sjeldneste himmelbegivenhetene i vår levetid sted: Planeten Venus glir sakte over solskiven og blir synlig som en liten prikk. Denne såkalte Venus-passasjen fant også sted i 2004, som avbildet, men finner ikke sted på ny før i 2117. Foto: AFP PHOTO/Stan HONDA/Scanpix

This image from the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet.

Here are many from around the world.

Once in a century ,  Toronto Star

In 2117 I expect to see this from a total different angle, may be from the back side, where the sun will hide Venus, nobody knows.

I will let you know, if you stick around until then.

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