Wally at 65, wasn’t that a party !

When Wally called and invited me to his 65th birthday, I could not miss that. Only family he said, and yes it was, including the whole National Soccer team we played on in Vernon.

Wally at 65, Congratulations

I arrived Friday afternoon, Wally and Peter was getting things ready, and building a bridge to the sandbank at Shuswap River.

The Dreamteam and more

The basin of the Shuswap River lies northeast of the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia. It is the upper part of the drainage better known to British Columbians as belonging to Shuswap Lakeand the South Thompson River. The river’s drainage basin is over 1,969 square kilometres (760 sq mi) in area.[1]

Wally in front, and Peter selecting materials for their bridge

Bridge foundation

Bridge construction

Wally and many of his friends and family own a stretch of sandbanks along the Shuswap River in Cherrywille.

The sites are full of campers, tents, fire pits, outdoor toilets, and even a sauna.

Wally have built a large open cook building, with a metal roof. All sites have electricity, and all the comforts.

The Cookhouse

Gail at the dishwasher

Wally’s cookhouse

The big logs on the fire never goes out, and the fire pit is the central assembly for all, young and old.

Campfire always burning

One pick up after another arrived, and old friends were as surprised, and I think as happy, as I was to see them again.

One day Wally got up, a moose was sleeping in the cookhouse. Another time a black bear opened the fridges and freezers.

This time just some deer tracks and the nice quails.

Friends arrive

Food and flowers

A special treat for me to meet these great soccer players again

me Oddvin to the right, I can not mention other names on the net without asking first

Gail always in the kitchen, with a broken leg and all 

And look at all the good food, all as great as it looks.

Food was enjoyed by all

look at all the great food

The National Soccer team. I was the only Norwegian, a few English, Scottish, Polish, Australian born in China, but from Russia, and may be a few other I do not know about. Should have been called the International, but the sponsor Hotel was The National.

The soccer team, plus a couple more

More food and flowers

Thank you Wally and Gail for a great party.

more to come . . . . . .

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