The Telegraph animal pictures of the week

The Telegraph have a weekly series of animal pictures, worth seeing every week.

My favorite this week is The Shire with the Shetland pony.

I had a similar horse once, up north,  in Burns Lake,  named “Rufus”, I rode him bareback a few times in the winter with deep snow, before he was 2 years old. Of 12 horses, Rufus was the only one that died, when Strangles hit the flock, when a new horse came home.

I was devastated, and spent the one Easter burying him by hand in the frozen ground. I could never understand why Rufus should die, the youngest, biggest and strongest of them all, but life and death is so hard to understand, and so unjust.

Max Cooper, 5, riding a Shetland pony named Truffles, meets a Shire horse named Jake, to promote Only Paws and Horses, a horse and dog show at The Hop Farm near Paddock Wood, Kent,  on 26 and 27 May.

The Kingfisher on the camera, and they are all good.

This kingfisher amused wildlife photographer Tony Flashman by reversing roles. Mr Flashman was setting up staged perches for birds to land on near a stream in Deal, Kent when he looked around and saw the colourful bird sat on his camera. 'I had to do a double take when I saw the kingfisher sat on my camera, she was meant to be in front of it,' he said.

Look up The Telegraph every week.

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