Flowering trees

Driving around on the Sunshine Coast in April and May one can see the most wonderful flowering trees everywhere.

Large Dogwood on Field Rd.

The flowering Dogwood is BC Provincial Flower.

British Columbia Flower  The Royal Crest (the crowned lion standing on the crown), wears a collar of dogwood flowers, and sits atop the golden helmet of sovereignty. Traditional heraldic elements of a wreath and mantling represent Canada’s national colours. The golden helmet of sovereignty is placed between the shield and the crest to mark B.C.’s co-sovereign status in Confederation.

File:Floweringdogwood2.jpg A Flowering Dogwood cultivar with pink flowers

Lots of images  

All flowering trees in Davies Bay, some wild cherry, none of these are planted

Along the highway next to Chapman Creek

Red and green Mission Point Park

Flowering all over the coast

I will find a few more to show you . . . . .

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