Sure Bet Tackle Co. Ltd. in Sechelt

If you thought all fishing lures and tackle are made in China, you are wrong. The finest are locally made, for every kind of sport fishing.

Sure Bet Tackle Co. Ltd. on Field Rd. in Sechelt BC, is a small fishing tackle manufacturing business  that most people newer know existed. I have been but a few steps away, several times, without noting this cottage industry. But now I am sold on their lures, flies and tackle, of highest quality, and Canadian hand made, by people that know how to fish, in any waters.

Brian Tice, P.Eng. started the business and is the creative man behind all the varieties of fishing lures for salt and fresh water, including experience from eastern Canada fishing.

The lures, tackle and hook ups have been sold to major fishing resorts on the BC west coast, and to the serious sport fishing man that does want to maximize the catch every time out there fishing.

A collage of impressions from Sure Bet Tackle in Sechelt BC

link to Sure Bet Tackle homepage


Brian creating a new fishing lure

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