Egmont Heritage Centre

The Egmont Heritage Centre was open for the season. I have only looked in the windows at earlier visits.

Egmont Heritage Centre outside

This picture just show the entrance. You find it on the left hand side just after passing Waugh lake, just before entering Egmont, and at the Trail start to Skookumchuck Rapids. their phone no. 1 – 604 – 883 – 9994 and email, plan a few hour stop over for this site. Some of the artifacts will amaze you.

A great collection of old engines

The collection of boat and other engines all look as if they can be started and run any time.

Logging show

Saws and chain saws for big timber

Plenty of saws and chain saws, all kinds and sizes, you can see they have been used a lot.

James showing the size of this old chainsaw

The true size of these saws are amazing, when you compare them with your hobby lightweight wood cutting saw.

Look at the size, tough logging show

Commercial fishing

A good display of commercial fishing equipment, nets, lures, traps, boats and gear. All easy to see and understand, displays well done, even for smaller kids that have never seen this before.

An immense collection of old bottles

The manager will give you an orientation, and remember, get a $ 5 membership in The Skookumchuck Heritage Society and support this excellent initiative.

Tom the manager, put it all together, and have answers for any question

While visiting, or having visitors on the Sunshine Coast, and you want to show them something worth seeing and exploring, there is not really that much to offer.

But this is one of those sites that is a must. Include the hike to Skookumchuck. Look at some of these images.

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