First day of Passover – Sat. 07 th. April 2012

Passover (HebrewYiddish: פֶּסַח Pesach, Tiberian[pɛsaħ] ( listen)Modern Hebrew: /ˈpesaχ/ Pesah, Pesakh, Yiddish: Peysekh, Paysakh, Paysokh) is aJewish holiday and festival. It commemorates the story of the Exodus, in which the ancient Israelites were freed from slavery in Egypt. Passover begins on the 15th day of the month of Nisan in the Jewish calendar, which is in spring in the Northern Hemisphere, and is celebrated for seven or eight days. It is one of the most widely observed Jewish holidays.

Passover (Pesach) lasts for eight days in Canada. Many Jewish people mark Passover with family members and close friends. Others choose to take a Passover vacation at a hotel or resort.

Passover is related to the Christian observances of Good Friday and Easter Sunday and the Islamic Day of Ashura. Read about other Jewish observances, such as Tu B’Shevat (Arbor Day)PurimYom HaShoahLag B’OmerShavuotTisha B’Av and Rosh Hashana.

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To calculate the Julian date for the first day of Passover you simply input the Hebrew year Y and then do some calculations that look like the following:

And this is just the beginning! It is a rather complex calculation to figure out which day of the calendar the first day of Passover falls on. I recommend that you do not do this with paper and pencil.

This is not a joke, I am not always serious,  but this is it ! I am just happy for any holiday or some reason to celebrate. With a formula like this, nobody is going to argue about the day of celebration.

Catholic version

The feast of the Passover begins on the fourteenth day of Nisan (a lunar month which roughly corresponds with the latter part of March and the first part of April) and ends with the twenty-first. The Jews now, as in ancient times, make elaborate preparations for the festival. Every house is subjected to a thorough spring cleaning.

The Saturday preceding the day of the Pasch (fifteenth) is called a “Great Sabbath”, because it is supposed that the tenth day of the month Abib (or Nisan) — when the Israelites were to select the Paschal lambs, before their deliverance from Egypt — fell on a Sabbath. On this Sabbath, the day of the following week on which the Passover is to fall is solemnly announced.

Some days before the feast, culinary and other utensils to be used during the festival are carefully and legally purified from all contact with leaven, or leavened bread. They are then said to be kosher. Special sets of cooking and table utensils are not unfrequently kept in every household.

Look at this Pink Moon  of Easter

The April full moon, heralding the coming of spring, is often known as the ‘pink moon’, named for the moss pink flower which appears at this time of year.

A YouTube story  , much watched, and wort seeing !

I for my part, a normal good Lutheran, am not into this religious part of Easter, I continued building bird boxes, and put them up in the local forest today. Enjoying a 13 + C. temp. today with full sun. The birds singing and the frogs frogging, that is my music these last few evenings of the full moon, is a real religious feeling good enough for me. Happy Passover.

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