A taste of heaven, enjoy a few minutes preview !

You are wandering around on a hot sunny day, looking for a friendly neighbourhood pub, to quince your thirst, and bingo, you are suddenly in heaven.  

Here is a taste of heaven, everybody welcome to enjoy.

Warning, have a napkin ready, you might need it.    Some images.

And, here is Jussi Bjorling: Greatest tenor ever !

    In my heaven you would hear Jussi Bjorling, one man , one voice, and singing : “Pearl Fishers Duet” from “Pearlfishers Duet” by George Bizet with Robert Merrill, the best ever recorded !

 Here is also  “Nessun Dorma” , “Mattinata”, and “O Holy Night” , ” O Sole Mio”

and in Swedish ” O Helga Natt “, my soul can fly anywhere with this version,

“Celeste Aida”  , “Ch’ella mi creda”La Fanciulla del West, Jussi Björling & Bidu Sayão – E il sol dell’anima…Addio addio (1945 live),

 “Salut Demoere” , from “Carmen” and “La Boheme” with Reneta Tebaldi,  more free listening, and more immortal tunes  , BIDU SAYAO & BJORLING DUET 1950 RADIO “Carmen Aria”, och paa svenska  “Ack Vamerland Du Skona”  og “Tonerna”.

If you find this place first, before I do, call me !

It looks very crowded, just like heaven could be, 

and, if I make it in first, I might not call you !

You are on your own, make the best out of it, and we will meet !

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