Stormy morning

Things flying around outside woke me up this morning, the puppy dog slept soundly. I had no damage, but it is seldom to see such winds on the Sunshine Coast. Mary Island, a favorite salmon mooching spot, measured winds up to 187 km. hour.

All the ferries were shut down, and in the afternoon when I drove by Davis Bay, I could see why.

Some very large driftwood logs  beach is calming downlittering the walkway at Davis Bay, doing a lot of damage to benches and tables.

The beach looks innocent when the tide is out.

Highway was closed for a while to clean up debris.

Click on pictures to enlarge.

Seagulls, crows and an eagle was busy feeding at the water’s edge.

On the Island, many boats, including large sailboats was thrown high up on dry land.

highway damage

This one big log had lots of steel bolts and must have come from an old dock or bridge. To hit this one with any boat could be the end.

Many thousands of houses lost the power, and at least one roof was pulled of a building, one balcony ripped off another.

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