just trying to understand

I talk, write and behave as if I know and understand everything in this universe. And yet, I must admit, I do really not understand much at all.

who is the boss ?

The big solar flares today will give some fantastic Northern lights, Aura Borealis, but they might damage satellites, especially communications, and can shut down anything that moves. Back to smoke signals. I can not make smoke signals, I can Skype, email, sms, and even telex, not do how to make smoke signals.

Full moon tomorrow. How can that little moon out there, hanging around and shining to us like a mirror, move all the water in the ocean, up and down as tides, up to 15 m. or so. I can hardly carry a bucket in each hand. Why have man not harnessed the power of the tides, we have walked on the moon, and we could use some renewable power.

I have heard the wolves howl at full moon, and some of my friends can howl too. I have skied a top of mountain range in frosty moonlight, a feeling you never can forget. The moon decide when you can fish, plant, seed, harvest, and much more, influences everything that lives and breathes. I do not understand ?

How can snakes move ? How can the cuttlefish change colors , and even texture ?

Today, World’s women’s Day celebrated in Rome, I like and understand Rome, and celebration, Happy Women’s Day ! Can not be without them.

How can Dragonflies coordinate their 4 wings, for hoovering like a chopper ?  How can birds fly in large flocks, at high speed, twisting and turning, like a moving cloud. I know that each of them watch their 7 closest, but still.

What makes a dog chase a car, or worse, a bus ? Still looking after “Laika” the puppy, now a few months older. She is a Border collie with some Australian Sheepdog mix. She will still want run and talk to, and play with everything that moves. Including cars, trucks and buses. Especially schoolbusses. How does she know that they are full of kids ? Does she know that they come out when the lights are flashing ? She does go crazy in my car when she sees one. I think she wants to herd them back in, her instinct can not see that many kids going in every direction, she wants them in one flock in one direction.

She will accept cars going in our direction. But, any car, and more so a bus or a truck, with headlights on, coming against us, she goes bananas, squealing, barking and jumping around. I think I know why, after studying this behavior for a few months. It would solve some traffic problems.

I think, “Laika” want to herd all the cars in the same direction, if I let her out, she would chase them all down and get them going in our direction. Full moon tomorrow, I might try !

Nice to get home to rest

I have always had dogs of my own, including a border collie, and she would herd anything, but not cars. My last St.Bernard

Wilson and a large friend

would get mad at the window wipers, and scared when driving into tunnels, but he also left the cars alone.  

I just had to make room for Wilson for ten years

I probably understand and like animals, more than people, if I can say it that way. But to any rule there are exceptions. I just can’t remember any.

totally exhausted after a long day chasing everything that moves

I have written on my admiration of crows, and their intelligence. Many chase them away from their garden, but they are very useful, and keep insect and rodents away. They mate for life, totally devoted to their nest and mates, and they also look after each other in a large tight-knit colony.

I have seen them teach their young to look for food and handouts, and helped feeding a pair of crows for several years, their first chicks became like fat goslings, and waggled content around, that was too much feed, their parents had to teach them that this was not normal human behavior, you have to learn how to scavenge, you can not trust all human.

I can swear they recognized me, or may be more my car, I always had the feed in the trunk.

You must all have seen the large flocks when they gather to celebrate something, anything, like a death of one of their own, or an owl in the neighbourhood.

I would like to understand. The Haida told me that the Ravens and Eagles are so smart, because they eat some juniper berries each day for their health and wisdom, but never more, they are poisonous. I use a few in my soups and wild meat stews, and feel like I understand more as time goes on, and sometimes soar like an eagle, it could be the blackberry wine.

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