Jim Reeves in Concert Oslo 1964, with Chet Atkins, Anita Kerr Singers and Bobby Bare.

Jim Reeves at Njårdhallen in Oslo 1964, just three months before he died.

The Njardhallen Sportshall, Oslo, Norway on Wednesday April 15, 1964:

3. Introduction

4. THE BLUE BOYS: Steel Guitar Rag


6. THE ANITA KERR SINGERS: I’ll Hold You In My Heart


8. BOBBY BARE: Shame On Me

9. BOBBY BARE: 500 Miles Away From Home

10. BOBBY BARE: Jambalaya

11. BOBBY BARE: Detroit City

12. CHET ATKINS: Alabama Jubilee

13. CHET ATKINS: Wildwood Flower

14. CHET ATKINS: Yes Ma’am

15. CHET ATKINS: Malaguena

16. CHET ATKINS: Greensleeves / The Streets Of Laredo

17. CHET ATKINS & THE BLUE BOYS: Peanut Vendor


19. JIM REEVES: I Love You Because

20. JIM REEVES: Bimbo

21. JIM REEVES: Four Walls / The Blue Canadian Rockies / Four Walls

22. JIM REEVES: Yonder     Comes A Sucker

23. JIM REEVES: Adios Amigo

Playing time: 63:40

Jim Reeves “I love you because

Some more hits – these are not from the Oslo Concert :  “Put your Sweetlips ….” “Have I told you lately…”   Àm I loosing you`…    Have you ever…., Make the world go away…,  Distant drums…, Goodnigth Irene…, Mexican Joe…, Anna Marie…., From a Jack  to a King..,   Grand Ole Opry…,  I fall to …,  Streets of Laredo…, Misty Moolight… ,   Roses are red….,   Adios Amigo…

Included on the DVD is a Norwegian documentary (translated into English) that takes you behind-the-scenes at the Oslo show; there is Jim working in Studio B (to see and hear how effortlessly he recorded his songs is awe inspiring); and there is a specially-produced, exclusive video montage with rare film, as Jim talks about his life. You can’t find this commercially anywhere elsè  

Jim Reeves“Railroad, Steamboat, River and Canal”

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtGa1sBnGN0 Oslo concert

Nashville Stars on Tour 

During “Four Walls” Jim switched to “Blue Canadian Rockies” and back again. You can hear him say” I pulled a Bobo” 

Jim Reeves   see info about the two concerts at Njaardhallen

“His fan-base in Norway is so huge his widow, Mary Reeves, has received countless gold, platinum and even diamond (!) records from Norway up till this day. There was even a special album made for Norwegian fans: “Jim Reeves – Norwegian hits” in 1999. In the early 1960s Reeves was the first US artist to sell to gold in Norway, and after his death he dominated the Norwegian charts through the entire 1960s. To top it all, one of the last live recording made of Reeves was from his concert in Njårdhallen, Oslo, Norway, three months before his death.”

Jim Reeves, Fan page and music page

Rare clips and rare glimpse

Bobby Bare  Picture from Oslo Concert 1964 (once he sang 5000 miles in stead of 500)

Chet Atkins       Same concert.

Chet Atkins live at Oslo next hit and last hit

Also performing at the concert was the Anita Kerr Singers, The Blue Boys Band, Chet Atkins and Bobby Bare.

I was serving as Corporal in The Norwegian Kings Guard, trained on communication equipment, and was asked to bring a couple of members of my troop, to set up the speakers, amplifier and microphones, and maintain them during the concert. That was all the sound system at that time, for the two shows at Njårdhallen.

If you see a re-run of the concerts on TV, you can see me and the other Guardsmen in the background. Jim Reeves and the others were really gentlemen, and were social back stage. I was only 18 years, and could hardly believe how much beer was needed to keep their throat from drying out, in one evening.

The concerts were April 6th. 1964.  In my military service book I got all their autographs. Just three months later, Jim Reeves died in an airplane crash,  on July 31st. 1964, and the wreckage was found August 2.nd.

Autograph of Chet Atkins and Bobby Bare

 Jim Reeves.   live at the concert in Oslo, his autograph, may be one of the last he signed ?

Gentleman Jim

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