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Deep freeze on export of Norwegian Salmon to China

2010 solgte Norge laks til Kina for mer enn 400 millioner kroner. 2011 the eksport was 142 millioner.  Export down from 86 % to 28 % Jackie Chan lifts a Norwegian salmon as a PR stunt, but sales are nosediving. … Continue reading

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guns – handle with care – don’t look down the barrel

I remember a hunter (I should not call him a hunter, the poor man was more an idiot than a hunter), that shot a fox, walked up to it, the poor fox was still alive. The “hunter” did not want … Continue reading

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Maria’s spring Messe – Mary’s Mass

March 25 th. Maria’s Spring Mass. One important day on the Runic calender. It is also the 5th. Sunday in Lent. The angel Gabriel told Mary she would bear a son, nine months before Christmas. referring to “Marie Messo Magdalene March … Continue reading

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World International Day’s of observances

I was kind of excited, I knew of some world celebration days. When I started looking, there were so many, I just have to copy the whole list, and these are only the ones recognized by United Nations. There are many … Continue reading

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Road hazard

I have seen some pretty bad roads, but this one in Norway take the cake. Here are more bad road conditions. VG Newspaper asked readers to mail in their worst local road conditions.  Oil rich Norway have a problem maintaining … Continue reading

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Farmed salmon gets status as domestic animal

Laks får status som husdyr – Salmon status as domestic animal Farmed fish is now under the Farm Animal Protection Act in Norway. There are no difference on a bird, fish or domestic animal, they all shall have humane treatment, grow … Continue reading

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Trans-Canada Air Lines Flight 810 vs Mt. Slesse.

It must have been early 70’s, an English mountain climber I knew, asked me to come along on a climb to Mt. Slesse, on the south side of Chilliwack, on the USA border. Jack …. did not give me all … Continue reading

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