Farm Salmon produces Omega-3, Good new for fish farmers and consumers

Article from VG

Foto: Robert S. Eik

Farmed salmon feed with basic plant food, and oils, compensates and produces its own Marine Omega-3. 

This is a major breakthrough and will benefit all.

This can mean a future of sustainable use of ocean resources. Fish farmers do no longer have to use valuable marine resources to feed farmed fish to get the valuable Omega-3.

“Before we get into talking about the benefits of fish consumption, or how much fish or fish oil you should eat, it’s probably a good idea to start with a basic review of the omega-3 fatty acids.

“Find out more about Omega 3 fish oil. Then you’ll know why you need it in your diet.”

“There are so many wonderful things about salmon that it’s hard to know where to start.”

“People who eat fish seem to be protected from a host of conditions. Some of this is probably due to the omega-3 fats, but there may be other benefits apart from this. The science isn’t clear yet as to all the reasons why eating fish (particularly fatty fish such as salmon) seems to be so darned good for us. 

Omega-3 fats seem to primarily work through reducing inflammation in our bodies. Inflammation is turning out to be at the base of many health problems, including heart disease, diabetes, some types of cancers and arthritis. Omega-3’s also help prevent the blood clots which cause many strokes.”

Fish is fish, salmon one of the best, enjoy, eat and live long and healthy !

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