Crayfish, Crawfish, Crawdaddy, catch them, farm them, enjoy them, eat them,

Consider rasing Crayfish

BC Shellfish Growers

Crayfish Culture in British Columbia
Crayfish have never been the object of a traditional target fishery in British Columbia. However, the value of crayfish in the marketplace, particularly in Europe, has increased interest in developing the culture technology for producing this animal. Sweden and France are large consumer countries of crayfish. August in Sweden is the time when numerous crayfish parties (Kraftkalas) are held and the demand, and price, for crayfish skyrocket. The claws and tail are the main parts consumed, each of course, followed by a toast of vodka! A disease which decimated the indigenous swedish stocks of crayfish has forced the country to rely on imports from China, Turkey and the United States. The species of crayfish that occur in British Columbia are highly valued by the marketplace, providing a significant incentive for the development of crayfish culture operations here.

look at these meals 


Basic farming 

f only 3 farms raising crayfish in BC

here are ten receipts, there must be hundreds

Crayfish information

Farming Crayfish

Crayfish education and training

Traps The Trapper Crayfish Trap    but you can use prawntraps, readily available

“There’s milions of them in the Stave too. If you don’t want to buy a trap, you can always use a few feet of of fishing line with a hook, a splitshot, and a piece of bait on the end (worm, roe, anything really) They just hold on for dear life, and you can slowly pull them right out of the water and grab them. My friend and I have both caught or limit of 25 doing this one day.”

A simple way is a couple of feet of line, twine, anything, tied to a stick that you can push down in the riverbed, at the end you tie a fish head or carcass. After dark, you use a flashlight and check the lines, you will often see a few eating on the bait. Grab them quickly, and keep them in a bag, they will bite, do not put them in your pockets !

Remember, you need a valid fishing licence, and the current limit is 25 pr. day.

Crayfish farming, Crayfish Aquaculture in BC is in the very beginning. I believe that when the big buyers around the world find out that BC is a prime place to farm Crayfish, many operations will be established.


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