Arne Sveen, brave friend “Prepared to die”

Latest: Now on his death bed. 

My good friend Arne Sveen, featured in Aftenposten.

Klar for å dø”      “Prepared to die”

“Vi bruker enorme summer på å forlenge dødssyke menneskers liv med noen måneder. – Feilprioritering, mener kreftsyke Arne Sveen.”

Arne says that using large amount of money and medical services for terminally ill, is wrong priority, he himself is prepared to die. See cover story in Aftenposten.

He now enjoys a good cigar after 30 years of no smoking, and would prefere to know his day, he would have champagne and roses ready for friends, and warns them to be on time.

From right to left: Ole, Arne, Sverre and ? on balcony in West Vancouver ca.late 60’s all studying at UBC

Much happier days, in the 60`s, Arne, Sverre, Ole, Hans Olaf and more were all studying at UBC. I had a Scandinavian Import furniture business and employed the all in their spare time, working in the warehouse and delivering fine furniture. Ole is now in Richmond BC, Sverre in North Carolina, Arne and Hans Olaf in Norway. Jon, Arne’s brother, does gold mining up north every summer and lives in Seattle.

From left to right: Sverre, Arne`s brother Jon, can not remember and Ole to the very right.

All the best to you Arne, you are a brave man, we will meet again !

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