Hotel and Casino ship proposal – North Shore – late 80’s.

Another story comes from another old picture album.

Another business proposal I did for my friend Jack ………. in the late  80’s. The SS “Princess Marguerite” was just taken out of service from Victoria to Seattle. Stena Line was very disappointed by the provincial government that changed the rules of the game mid stream. They stopped all duty-free sales until the ship crossed the border to USA, that alone killed this fine ferry service, more like a mini cruise.

This was “Princess Marguerite II”

The SS “Princess Marguerite” was a fine old vessel, and could have served for many more years, but was now for sale in Victoria, and the central point for a fine business opportunity.

Ca. 1950 Victoria Maritime Museum picture.

The basic proposal was simple, find a good place for permanent moorage to a dock, use the vessel as a hotel and casino ship. The obvious place was at the Mosquito Creek marina in North Vancouver, at the east end, next to the life boat training  center . A wharf could be built within the present marine lease, large enough for two vessels like this , permanently moored, and room for two additional smaller cruise ships.

We got the approval to develop the proposal from the Chief, and when completed he would take the whole concept to the Band Council. The Casino question was of course the big hangup for all, at the time there were no casinos in BC, but I still believe that the provincial government can not decide what the Band would want to do on their land.

The written proposal became more interesting, when the thought of tying in with the BC Rail service to Whistler and Pemberton, from the Squamish Band land in North Vancouver. From ship to shore, all on Band land.

Bob ……… and me went to see the Marguerite in Victoria.


Bow and fore deck

Maggie was ship-shape

Wheelhouse and Captains Quarters. Bob ... to the left, and myself, Oddvin Vedo, at the time working for Master marine Canada Ltd.

The vessel was ship-shape, and could be used as a hotel ship and casino ship in a couple of months time.

Cosy upper decks

comfortable lounges

shops ready to stock

Engine room

comfortable cabins

docked in Esquimalt

top deck

life boat deck

I include all these pictures because I became found of this vessel, and thought for years that the pictures were lost.  The business proposal was comprehensive, and showed a net profit to the Co. and the Band from year one. If done as I proposed, the Marguerite would be there today serving a niche tourism product.

History and final resting place

1976 TV commercial

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