Stressed salmon – sushi demand quality – so do I !

Aftenposten, a Norwegian newspaper reports, that research proves that a stressed salmon before slaughter will have a shorter shelf life, increased bacterial growth, smell and taste inferior, and because these negative sides are more prominent in salmon sushi products, than in cooked meals. … and so on …

Forskere har nemlig funnet ut at laks som stresses før slakting får kortere holdbarhet.

Dette er fordi fiskekjøttet får økt bakterievekst og raskere utvikling av uønsket smak og lukt, hvis laksen ikke får ro før den slaktes.

Og siden de negative følgene av stress er større for rå laks enn for kokt laks, er det på sushi du merker dette best.

The farmed salmon is superior to wild, and used in quality sushi, and this study shows that the salmon with least stress, shortest transport and gentler handling from farm to processing, makes the best tasting product.

This is not any news, a salmon caught by line and hook, trolling, seined or gill netted, all release the adrenalin to the blood, and that affects the taste and shelf life of the final product. Time and distance to processing often degrades freshness and shelf life. Processing, like bleeding and gutting while fresh is also very important to the final product. This must be done prior to Riga Mortis.

A Dalhousie University study

for the advanced 

handbook on salmon farming

Salmon Sushi demands the finest quality fish, and the farms are able to deliver this. Look and enjoy these pictures. 

Fresh or frozen fish – a choice

a company statement

Eat more fish, any and all fish, it is good for you !

A fish swim in water, using very little energy in mowing, a chicken has to walk on two legs, fighting the earths gravity, need 4 times more feed to grow, a beef walks on four legs and need 7 times the feed energy to grow. Eat fish. Help mother earth.

I love fish, and rate the very best to be Arctic Char,    next small halibut, or chicken of the seas, as they call it in Alaska Soy Halibut Steaks  and on third place Black Cod,  or Sable fish.  Enjoy all these pictures.

In fourth place it would be farmed rainbow in salt water,  ( here are

all the pictures ) , or Atlantic Salmon.   Marine Harvest info. More pictures   The very best part of a salmon is the head, neck and salmon bellies. These are usually cut away, and used for crab bait etc. Many do not like the bones and fins. Therefore the best parts are hard to find, unless you catch the fish yourself. Purchase the whole salmon, and enjoy the best parts by yourself, invite your friends and serve them the fish filets or steaks.

But, if you dare to, and can get hold of a supply of salmon bellies, grill them and serve with a dip or sauce, you will be the culinary hero for ever !

And, I prefer crabs to lobster, prawn to scrimp, crayfish the best of them all !

5 Th. place ?  Smoked Eel,     ,

next Kippered herring,    , sardines, squid or calamari, and so on, endless list of goodies.

I like all fish and fish products, including a favorite: Lutefisk ! In the 60’s I got a bumper sticker in Seattle : Legalize Lutefisk ! It was very popular. more . . . . . . .

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