Simple solutions – if I had the all power – but together we can do it !

These are some of the simple solutions to some of the worlds energy power problems, at random order, nor in any priority.

If I could wake anybody up from the dead – it would be Nicola Tessla. 

  secret top secret


He would fix the world’s energy problems.

Solar power on everything that is now using batteries, – cars – phones – radios – boats – eletronic devices…..


Solar power and 12 volt on every building, house and commercial units – for the basic light.

Supported by windmills in some areas, but not where they harm the bird populations.

Every treadmill, excercise bike, weightlifting device – must be used to generate el. power, burning fat is just a bonus. Zumba Dance and other activities ? Harness the power of the human body.

Every brake on any vehicle must be used to generate power.

Small hydro electric plants, on every creek. Rain gutters of a roof, there is power in every drop.

Hand cranking devices to charge mobile phones etc.

All mobiles and hand held devices must have the same charging system.

All the worlds streetlights run by solar power. No wires between poles. Mobile charges free everywhere. No glow lamps, only LED.

Every hydro meter device, must go both ways. If I can generate some surplus power by any means, more than I use, the power co. must purchase it.

Wave power, and tidal power, so simple even I could do that.

Waste products have an increadible amount of energy, use it for power.

Methane gas from barns and animal compounds and sewage plants, transferred to energy, eat more beans and legumes.

Purchase local products, not items that are shipped, trucked and flown from all over the world. Many products have an incredible enviromental footprint. Avoid them.

Ecological products use less energy, less fertilizer, less footprint.

 personal footprint

measure footprints

a quick test

Note: If you use 220 v light bulbs in a country that has 110 v currency, they last forever. Why aren’t we told this.

more ………….

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