Blue Monday – did’t know – Have a good one !

Blue Monday: a depressing day of pseudoscience and humiliation

A psychologist explains why the third Monday of January has for him become the most depressing day of the year, …….. see links……

Just heard on the news that it is “Blue Monday” today, the Third Monday in January, and they explained why, with an eleborate formula. I feel as if I have missed out on something important.

Christmas is over – that should be joyful, not blues.

The bills are coming in – useless things you did not have to purchase, that can make some blues.

The New Year Resolutions are mostly broken by now – don’t make them.

And there was more, but my attention span ended there.     here is the formula  The Guardian reflects   The Telegraph reflects  The Vancouver Sun have a positive reflection  Huffington post wishes a Happy Monday

We got a dusting of snow overnight, that was nice to wake up to.

A dusting of snow

The puppy “Laika” and me had a good day, I did not know that it was “Blue Monday” . The light dusting of snow overnight sure put me in a good mood, and following the leads of  the puppy, we played all day.

"Laika" resting after a long nice day

“Laika” is having a nap now, and I don’t have the hearth to wake her up and tell her that it is “Blue Monday” today, nor would she care, nor should you.  

You have a good one too !

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