Looking for a radiator in Sechelt, or any other auto part, look no further

Close to the top of Field Road in Sechelt on The Sunshine Coast, BC, just below the Airport, you will find radiators, 4×4 parts, U-Haul rentals, and even a Fishing Tackle business. And look no further for the best price on any auto part, not only on radiators.

Sechelt radiator and truck recycling tel: 604 885-7986

James White at his radiator business in Sechelt

The main business is Radiators, but James have a good used 4×4 and a new and used auto parts business going, and in addition the popular U-Haul Rental business.

In addition James will purchase estates and do the removal and sales. This is a growing business, many people want to have the whole estate cleaned up by one responsible company

In a place like Sechelt it is difficult to make a living of one small business alone, and many entrepreneurs have many irons in the fire to make a living, and James is a good exsample.


U-Haul tel 604 885-9322

And, with his friend Brian Tice they have a fishing tackle shop, all hand-made by Brian, tried and tested by James, lures and flies that can entice any fish out there.

Link to tackle shop: http://www.surebettackle.com  tel 604 885-9322

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