Hunting trip to Spatsizi area ’81

Hunting season ’81 I lived  and worked in Burns Lake. With my brother in law Jochen ……. from Germany, and a friend Wolfgang   …….., that ran a Taxidermy business, we drove from Burns Lake to Eddontanajon, rented a seaplane that flew us into the wilderness south of the Spatsizi National Park.

Beaver Seaplane at Dease Lake, Tarmigan in the middle and the wilderness plateau

We had all the hunting permits, and saw all the major species we could hunt for. But the weather was too hot, we could not save the meat, and the seaplane was not  going to pick us before after ten days. We had no contact, nor means to make contact, and meet nobody, except the pilot that picked us up ten days later.

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The small lake we flew to, I can not remember the name, but, something remarkable about this lake, is that it is the headwater of two major rivers, one to the west, one to the south, The Skeena and the Stikine Rivers.

We saw one huge Grizzly, plowing through the bushes, nice to watch at a distance, and we had no reason to bother him as long as he did not bother us.

Jochen and a friendly Mountain Marmot, spectacular view, flowers and fresh air

Many Moose, big males, cows and calves, we had moose tags, but did not need any meat or a trophy. For many days we watched a herd of 12 Mountain Goats, in the steep mountain area, with coal seams, the goats liked the black coal seams, and got quite black coal dust in their pure white hide. Fantastic to watch at such close distance.

The wildflowers were amazing, I took more pictures of the high alpine flowers, then of the animals. A Porcupine hiding in the rocks.

We followed a herd of Caribou for a day or two, and on a ledge, we found two intertwined, antlers, the skeletons long gone. Sign of a battle to the bitter end.

The lake was full of fish, and we had many good meals, Tarmigan could be cought without fiering a shot, and was good break from dried foods.

If you ever have an opportunity to take a trip like this, do it, no guides, no phones, have all the permits in order, but you do not have to make a single kill to have the greatest time of your life, and memories to last as long.

Jochen with his pipe, me cooking, and spectacular view

I have not seen Wolfgang since this trip.

Wolfgang Dietrich Denne
December 16, 1947
– March 7, 2009
Wolfgang Dietrich Denne, born in Heidelberg, Germany, died at Vancouver 
General Hospital after a courageous battle with pulmonary hypertension. As a 
young man he travelled the world before settling in Canada. From 1974 to 
1992 he enjoyed living in northern BC where he operated Burns Lake Taxidermy 
and spent his time hunting, fishing and flying his float plane. In 1992 the 
family relocated to Campbell River where sailing became his passion. He 
particularly enjoyed his circumnavigation of Vancouver Island and sailing to 
the Queen Charlotte Islands on his beloved Alberg 30 “Garbo”. He also 
enjoyed several seasons snowboarding with his sons at Mt. Washington. In his 
later years he became a self-taught artist and was able to continue painting 
until the end.
Wolfgang is survived by his immediate family: wife Pat; daughter Kristy, and 
sons Eric and Kyle. He is also survived by his brothers Frank and Klaus and 
their families in Germany.
A Private Family Service will be held. In lieu of flowers, donations in 
Memory of Wolfgang may be made to either the British Columbia Pulmonary 
Hypertension Society, 2881 Canyon Park Place, Victoria, BC, V9B 4Z4, or the 
British Columbia Lung Association, 2675 Oak Street, Vancouver, BC, V6H 2K2. 
Condolences may be left at

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