New Years Resolutions – not good at it !

I quit making New Years Resolutions many years ago. Can not remember the last one I made, and why I failed, but there are some that I do think of.

Making ends meet. That is a hard one, but one I have to follow.

At loose ends. There is not much of anything that needs done, life is a little dull and boring.

No battling windmills. No more fighting pointless battles.

A clean bill of health. I will do what I can to stay healthy.

Have my ducks in a row. I will try to have all my things in order.

Fish and not cut bait. Last year I talked about fishing, this year I will fish.

Out of the doldrums. Try to be motivated.

Many irons in the fire. I am working on many projects at the same time.

and there will be more . . . . . . .

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