The days are now getting longer – Winter Solstice – The shortest day this year.

I love this time of the year, and the next days, weeks and months, every new day now is getting longer and lighter.

Two halves of the globe intersect;

darkest moment and brightest day collide at the same point in history.


I can almost feel the burden off my shoulders, lighter and longer days, wow, this winter was short.

According to the old tales, by this day, all the winter wood should be chopped, dried and stacked.  A single woman of the marrying kind, should look at the staking of the wood, to choice  a good husband.

The Beer, Cider and wine should be brewed by now, tasted and ready for sacrificing.  (Including the Moonshine. Editors. note) The pig, lamb, calf, turkey or geese,  should be slaughtered and ready for a fiest. Herring pickled, Cod dried, Halibut salted and Lutefisk luted, all fest foods  prepared, (and for all my Norwegian friends, not to forget ), butter churned.

Lights should now be lit, all in celebrating the solstice. The weather should be better already from this day forward on.

And on the top of it all, Christmas comes a week later.

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