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God Jul – Merry Christmas

God Jul og Godt Nytt Aar  til alle ! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year  to You All ! Jeg har det meget bra her, og foler meg hjemme. I am well, and this is where I feel at … Continue reading

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The days are now getting longer – Winter Solstice – The shortest day this year.

I love this time of the year, and the next days, weeks and months, every new day now is getting longer and lighter. Two halves of the globe intersect; darkest moment and brightest day collide at the same point in history. reading

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The land of no butter – and x-mas is coming

The headlines are all over the world, the serious TV stations are using the story for amusement, a rich nation that is suffering because of lack of butter, when much of the world is going hungry. The comedians are … Continue reading

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Another nice visitor

During the last week or so, a male Varied Trush have found the birdfeeders. It is fairly shy, and today it sat on a log for an hour, enjoying the nice day and full belly. Have not seen the black … Continue reading

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Info from BCSFA

Statement regarding availability of samples from BC salmon farms December 15, 2011 Some of the testimony given by Dr. Kristi Miller at the Cohen Commission of Inquiry has caused some confusion about sampling that’s been done for Infectious Salmon Anemia … Continue reading

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Up the road to Dakota Ridge

Wanted to try my old pick up today, and took a trip up the road to Dakota Ridge, going just by my place. A good gravel road, one I will drive it a lot this winter. This is a relative new very … Continue reading

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Canadian eh, Drafthorse eh, Moose eh.

My farmer friend Kaare mailed me this picture, then it must be true. I wish I was there. My old drafthorse Danielle, was actually bigger than this, but no horns.

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