Bears back again, and the cub left me a dropping.

A few days later they were back for another visit, and the mother bear left a real bear shit, here with a puppy border collie sniffing at it, also just a few steps from the sundeck, no respect for privacy.

Big bear shit

The bear mother and cub came back for another visit, and the cub took time to drop me a small present just a few feet from my front steps.  They made noise as they looked for where I hid the bird seeds, and did not find it. The cub started digging where the box had been placed earlier.

I tried to take a picture, it did not work, but the flash scared the mother up in a tree, and there she was, moaning after the cub to follow her, that took some time. About three in the morning they were down looking around for food again.

The following night my neighbor fired off som bear shots, that scared them away, I have to get some, they make noice as shotgun, or a loud firecracker.

The cub droppings are about the size of moose droppings.

bear cub left me a present

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