Early morning visit of mother and cub Blackbears

At 5.45 AM I heard some noise outside my window, figuring may be a Racoon looking for birdseed. They were so close, that I had to open the window to see them, only a few feet from my nose. Mother and cub, laying on their bellies licking birdseed out of a turned over plastic container.

Nice new birdfeeder destroyed

It was dark night outside, but I had some x mas lights on, so that I find the key when I get home after dark, like last night. I have had black bear visits before, and are always looking around the corners not to surprise any visitors.

The bears usually moves slow, checking out everything, always looking for food or anything that can be mistaken for food. I have had them chew up plastic hoses, plastic water containers, and indeed opening tin cans, found in my pack sack.

With door opening and bedroom window

The sow bear was very large, nice thick fur, well feed, and looked ready to hibernate. The cub was also round and fat, and about size of a large fat black lamb, and just as cuddly looking. The mother was from time to time looking over her shoulder to the opening of the sun deck, to see if all was clear, and the cub was on the belly, eating the bird seeds and sunflower seeds. I could hear the smacking sound their chewing. Their noses white with the flour dust from the bottom of the bin.

They tipped the container over, and bingo, plenty of food

I will take some pictures later today, of the damaged bird feeders and other signs of their visit. And , hopefully, the mobile camera pictures turn out. I will update.

Picked up some pepper spray, just in case they want to get into my 5 th wheel trailer while I am home, quite easy for a bear. Pepper spray is the last defence, only works witheen 3 m or about 15  feet or less. Banging a couple of lids as a drummer is usually enough to keep them at a fair distance. Talking and yelling helps, but not screeming.

I like back bears, never killed any , nor will I, for meat, hide or just trophy. They are easy to live with, keep garbage and foods locked up, never give them anything to feast on.

Teach your dogs how to behave around them. Some dogs are bred to keep them away, like the sheep guard dogs. Sheep herding dogs will avoid them. The problem is some smaller breeds will bark and be brave, that is stupid. Teach these dogs to walk away and be quiet. A rancher told me, if you have a yappy dog irritating a bear, the bear will charge the dog, the dog would come back to the owner for protection, and the best you can do is to shoot the dog. To stop a charging bear with a bullet, is not possible.

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