Hello Old Fart !

This from an old friend I have not seen since the 60s
Congratulations Old Fart for becoming a
Long time no contact!
I became a Grand Father for the first time 15 years
My first wife ……… and I divorced in Edmonton, Alberta many,
many years ago, but we are still good friends.  She lives near Peterborough in
Ontario with her second husband, and our daughter ………. lives near by with her
hubby and my Grandson.  I now live on a farm near Preeceville, Saskatchewan with
my third wife …………  We run about 8 horses and board 2.  We also have 3
milking cows, laying hens for fresh eggs daily.  Broilers, turkeys and geese for
the freezer, as well as 2 lambs, one sheep (ewe) and Napoleon the boar, all of
which are also destined for the freezer.
I became a “Farmer in Training” in 2007 after we sold our
Insurance Brokerage in Edmonton and moved here.  My wife grew up on a farm in
Saskatchewan.  I have been writing articles for the local media called “Farmer
in Training’ and I’m currently working on putting all the stories into a book
format.  I’ll keep you posted.  You can find me on YouTube as Farmer in
Take care old friend!
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