Great Blue Heron, Lots of birds at feeders and no more bear visits

The cold weathers bring a lot of birds to the feeders. I use mostly mixed birdseed, and large and small sunflower seeds. No more bread and fruit, that attracted at least one bear.

Coming home one afternoon, a Great Blue Heron was wandering around on the grounds, a strange visitor. I could see a dropping towards the creek. She might have been down there. It is a fishbearing creek, but I have not seen any signs, nor have I seen any crayfish, but there should normally be some. But, there are lots of frogs, and that would be a good meal.

I forgot, a saw a big garden snake a few days ago, I think I remember that the heron will hunt for snakes, they look like an eel, might not taste as good. 

I stopped the car and tried to take a picture, but she lifted up into a tree, ad sat there all night i belive. See pictures. I will get my old camera back as my son is upgrading, and get some nice bird pictures.

in the middle

In the very middle, there she is

The neighbors dogs are good bear dogs, and they come by day and night, and I can often hear them at night. I have also taken some measures against surprise visits. I am used to bears, but one have to be prepared, and not take them too lightly.

With the chainsaw I am now clearing trails around the property, it is a really nice forest to walk in. The creek is winding around, nice to hear  the small waterfalls, calming to the mind.

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