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A nice day with friends, Nov. 29 th.

It was another nice day in the bush, with many visitors in the lunch hour I spent outside. I am now careful to feed the birds only as much as they can eat and clean up during the day, this … Continue reading

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An amazing horse and woman

My friend Kaare sends me a lot of good info, here is some he found on the net This horse & woman are amazing.   see this one Here is a story off the internet: – Hello Mr. Butcher! – Hello … Continue reading

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Happy squirrel

A couple of squirrels are still around, this one almost every day. A few Black Capped Chickadee s are now also regular visitors.

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Bears back again, and the cub left me a dropping.

A few days later they were back for another visit, and the mother bear left a real bear shit, here with a puppy border collie sniffing at it, also just a few steps from the sundeck, no respect for privacy. The bear … Continue reading

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News from BC Salmon Farmers

Low bycatch numbers reporter for second quarter Latest figures released by BC’s salmon farms regarding incidental catch of wild fish show operators are very near their goal of eliminating these interactions completely. The amount of bycatch from BC’s salmon farms … Continue reading

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Early morning visit of mother and cub Blackbears

At 5.45 AM I heard some noise outside my window, figuring may be a Racoon looking for birdseed. They were so close, that I had to open the window to see them, only a few feet from my nose. Mother and … Continue reading

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The Crow, a most intellegent creature

I like all birds, but not all are as easy to follow, to study and to understand. I had the opportunity to spend over ten years at one location, running a golf club, looking at the same fields every day, feeding … Continue reading

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