Recipe for an artist

Halloween mask

Here is the simple recipe to become an artist:

Take a normal nice sunny day . Go to the beach. Pick up small pieces of driftwood. And a few rocks you like. A tube of glue, a bag og glass beads. Watch the sunset before you leave the beach.

The glass beads cost $2,49, and the glue about the same, rocks and driftwood are free.

A glass of wine, I prefer red. Put the wood pieces on the balcony railing. Look at the piece of wood, turn around if necessarily, squeeze some glue where the eye should be, put the glass bead onto the glue spot.

Sip the wine, admire your art craft. Like it, and you are an artist.

To become a successful artist, you have to sell some for a lot of money. That is another chapter. 

future art

Do not forget to watch the sun set, here at Davis Bay

Fish, strange one

dog or fishCould be a dog or a fish

Hungry sea otter

Needs two feathers

Lame goose


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