One shy Red Robin and two Stellers Jay s

More visitors now, a shy, young Red Robin have been here twice, and a pair or more of Stellers Jay s have found the feeding sites,they scare all the smaller birds away, but not far.’s_Jay 

 A am sure a few more Red Robins will find this place, and keep me with company. I will soon start building nesting boxes, including some for a colony of Purple Martens, if I am lucky.

One sparrow among the Junco s, still a nice bird to me, originally introduced to America from Europe. 

And in the late afternoon, a Northern Flicker, could have been visiting a few days ago, but got a good look today. Climbed a tree like a woodpecker, but prefered to feed on a stump.  

A nice bird, I hope he sticks around.

And, finally, a small red squirrel, coming within steps of the feeder, but did not dare to enter, yet. I expect to feed a few of them over winter.

 A Red Squirrel, common here, in Vancouver you have the big black, and the grey, also much larger. All part of a large family.  File:Sciuridae.jpg


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