Chapman Creek Hatchery and Sunshine Coast Salmonid Enhancement Society

I took a membership in the Sunshine Coast Salmonid Enhancement Society. Everybody on the coast should, and all the visitors that like to come and fish and enjoy the wildlife.  have a look at the homepage, many activities for young and old, all ages can enjoy these fantastic facilities and activities.

A nice pool full of fish

Pink in tanks ready to donate roe for a new generation

The Chapman Creek is now full of Pink Salmon going up to spawn. Later the Coho and Spring, and in March the Steelhead.  Visit the hatchery and get all the local knowledge.

Chapman Creek rivermouth at Mission Point in Davis bay

This estuary is one of the nicest one see, public beach, public park, Salmonid Enhancement Society driven Hatchery, really a people place, dedicated to the environment.

Trail along the river to enjoy the fish and the scenery

A couple of deer enjoying the quiet surroundings

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