Compund camping for a while

garbage on mining road

Day 4,

A nice quiet day, until early evening, gunshots, lots of them, at the mining site, and I called the boss, the police called and came by, I do not know anything more, but the shooting stopped, it was probably somebody target shooting, with 3 different guns, for a couple of hours. In the same area were family with kids cycling, two persons walking their dogs, others driving by, if you are going to target shoot, go to the gun clubs shooting range.


A black bear was looking at some garbage bags with cleanings from salmon, why would anyone throw the heads, skin and backbones of sockeye Salmon in   ditch at a gravel road. Five Turkey vultures circling above, looking for a feast. A few Ravens were looking at the same site, they could smell something too, but the black bear get it first, the other gets the leftover.

Day 3.

Cooler today, promising rain for tomorrow morning, that would be nice, everything is dry and need some rain, including the salmon waiting at the estuaries for the rivers to swell enough to get up and spawn. Wanted to set up a hummingbird feeder, but my friend says it is too late, the Rufus birds are already started to go south, only Anna birds left, and they should go south, hard for them to winter here most years.

Had a really good dinner, cooked on open fire, sausages from Jolly Foods in North Vancouver. If you are in Vancouver area, and do not know Erik ……… and Jolly Foods, you must look him up. Not easy to find. Follow my instruction closely. From Vancouver, over the Second Narrows Bridge, stay in the right hand lane. Take the first turn off, towards Deep Cove. Take the first right at the first lights. Carefully a block or so down to the railroad tracks, over the tracks and turn right, half a block and to the right over the tracks again, you see Jolly Foods.


I played soccer with Erik for 30 years, and a better Danish center half and butcher is hard to find. He has all the import sardines, roes, herring, caviar,  cheeses, cookies, and of course the best meat cuts, spare ribs, ox ribs, and you must try the bacon, the best I ever seen and tasted. He also produces a famous line of real meat dog food, I wish I had a dog to spoil. Try his rye bread, best in town. Take your time and look for the Danish speciality items, and if you do not see them, ask.

No, I am not on the pay roll, and get no discounts, I just love the place, and missed it when I was in Europe and Okanagan for the last 20 years. I am so happy to be back in town, to enjoy all the good things with Vancouver.

The wasps and ants have found my secret site where I put my food scraps, I do not want to attract bears unnecessary. The Hawk has not been back, but the ravens talk, and I hear the swish from their wings as they fly past. Two nice Deer came by this morning, they had all the time in the world, and grazed slowly by. lots of deer around, I see them all the time.

A bat came and flew low over my campsite, but only once. caught a flying ant ot two. A few ground squirrels, scurrying over the open ground, probably the reason the hawk was here. Some small birds I can not identify yet, but they are doing their thing, not interested in me at all.

The mining people have been here today, they come and go, I noticed the chains on the gate was done differently from when i left this morning. After all, I am the Security Guard, I should notice these things.

After stying at the Lynnwood Hotel on the docks in North Vancouver, with railroad and heavy truck traffic outside, not to mention the nightclub every friday and saturday night, this is as opposite as can be, not a sound, pitch black outside, heard some dogs last night, far away, and some unidentified bird songs. That is nice, slept until nine this morning, not good for a security guard, but there were no problems to report, that I know of.

Picked up water from downtown today, a five, and a two and a halv gallon, just in case of a grass fire from the camping fire, have it under control with rocks etc. but the wind, can be bad, and it is better to be prepared. I do estinguish the camp fire every night before I go to sleep.

Day 2.

no more power before tomorrow ……………….

My friend …….. owns this mine site, I was director of the company 25 years ago. ……..has mined over the last 42 years, and the site is full of equipment, …………gave me the keys and welcomed me to stay, as a security guard, as long as I wanted to. There is no active mining right now, but traffic on the mining road, dumping of garbage, parties and bonfires are serious problems, apart from the break ins.

Had some problems last night, got to the site late, built a campfire while getting things set up, after dark, I took salmon steak out of the cooler, one potato, two onions were soft, so I took a few layer off and wrapped them i foil. It is very dry around, not rained for a long time, and I have to be careful with the fire. The salmon got burned, it became a mess, I got sick eating it. The potato and unions I had for breakfast.

While establishing camp last night had a red vine, I had not eaten properly all day, after turning the salmon steak on the pan, in the dark, I took a bite or two, and immediately threw up, vomited, almost into the fire pit, I aimed for it, did not want that suff around. I could hear the wasps immediately. I took the rest of the meal to a suitable site and disposed of it. The wasps followed me, and today they are very busy at that site.

Tonight I made the rest of the salmon, the same way, in daylite,  delicious, so it was not the fish, it was me. But when camping one has to be careful, this site has no water, no power, and no toilets in working order. On a site like this, you have to bring good water, and keep all things clean, or you can get in trouble.

A burst of fire ants came as I set down to write. They hatch, and make one flight in their life, hoping to find a suitable place to start a new colony, preferrable an old wooden rotten tree stump,  When they land, they lose their wings, and the ones that landed on me, and all over my gear, are not the successful ones. The do not bite, are harmless, but annoying, but is only one or two nights a year, and only one flight or so, it is actually something to experience, I have seen it before in the Okanagan.

I found a shaky table, poorly constructed as you see, and with one 4 inch nail and a 12 x 12 wooden stump I had a sturdy table.

A few necessities, from the left to right.

Like 3 axes to the left, each to its own use, but, really, one is enough. Cleaning detergent, in a spray bottle, very handy, use it all the time. Fresh water in a spray bottle, for all use, including keeping hands clean, there is some messy jobs at a campsite. Good sharp knives, a couple of them. A big fresh water tank, keep it full. A steel mug, can be used for everything, including digging in the sand. An old fashion oil lantern, and proper lamp oil, so easy, so reliable, so good to have around. I am writing in the light from one right now.

nice and tidy , copper coffe pot, open fire, and methyl hydrate for fast cooking

The plastic thing between the oil lamp and the carton of red vine, is a Peugeot pepper grinder, battery driven and with light. I was sure nice to have last night, trying to cook on the campfire in the dark, but I do not know why I packed with my camping gear. I do have a small hardwood grinder, that is good enough, but fresh ground pepper is a necessity.

Good sea salt can be stored in a jar or something, spices can be mixed in an old jar, I use Rosemary, Thyme and Oregano  mixed together on everything, Garlic must be fresh, do not attempt powder, even on a camping trip. Keep a few berries from a true Juniper bush, they are blue when ripe, green the first year, two is enough in any stew, soup or roast. these are all the herbs of the mediterranean cooking, all are good, can be mixed for camping purposes.

The site is a few city blocks large.

It takes only 4 kg. of Juniper berries to flavor 1.000 liter gin, they are powerful, medicinal, antiseptic and poisonous in large quantity. The native in Haida Quay, on Queen Charlotte Islands, say that the raven is so smart because they eat juniper berries, but only one or two, they know.

Like the wasps, I do not mind them, and leave them alone. These are yellow jackets, you hear their buzzing, and when that stops, they have landed somewhere, you feel a small touch where they sit and try to identify you, like as if they are licking your skin, but they do not bite, they can sting with their tail, but if you leave them alone, they seldom do that. Just at sunset, a few mosquitoes came, and they bite without telling you. I donated blood in town two days ago, and do not like to donate to them.

A hot perfect shower, about $10 at Army and Navy Stores, black plastic bag and a hose, what will they think of next.

Day 1.

For the next while I will be camping at a mining compound in Sechelt, there is a fifth wheel trailer, but I did set up my tent. I was immediately greeted by a large hawk, I think it was a red tail, I will probably see it tomorrow, and a couple of ravens greeted me.

I have seen two birds, small, that I can not identify, and three different birdcalls, have to get a bird book.

Dark came before I was finished setting camp, but got a fire going and made some salmon for dinner. As dark came upon, the stars came out, I have not seen the stars so clearly since my place in the bush in the Okanagan.

The cellphone, and the internet stick works, but slow connection.  I will have to get to town anyway to, charge batteries, and will add some pictures then.

Tomorrow I will get a 12 volt battery, and I can use a small inverter and get 110, hoping it will work on my 220 equipment from Norway with an adaptor.

more …………..

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