Red sky at night, Sailors delight, Red Sky in the morning, Sailors take warning

The old saying is Red Sky at night, Sailors Delight, red sky in the morning, sailors take warning.

Photo: Bronze sunset reflecting in the Straits of Georgia

There are many signs, that the old timers trusted, for weather, crop, fishing and their livestock.

Swallows flying low to the ground. Rain and low pressure is coming, the mosquitos and insects are low to the ground, Flying high in the sky, good weather coming, or continuing.

You never plant any crop on a falling or Waxing moon, always on a raising or Waning moon.

Once in a blue moon.

We all know the effect on animals and people on the full moon, say no more.

High and low tide, all the moon s doing

My grandfather would only fish on raising tide, my father liked the tide change, raising and full tide, I like fishing any time, any tide. My grandfather would also only fish for certain species on a raising moon, I trust his knowledge, and do not argue.. He would not eat pork the day he was ging to fish, nor any women in his rowboat, this was fishing for food, not pleasure.

We have all heard old wifes tales, buy I believe in some, I can not deny that. Don t break a mirror, seven years of bad luck, don t walk under a ladder, don t open an umbrella indoors, trow a pinch of salt over your shoulder, touch wood, and so on.’_tale

Burning witches, they quit that a few hundred years ago, I never asked my grandfather about his opinion on that, he would have had one for sure.

Crows gathering for a funeral of another crow, it is a fact.

New moon in east, god weather coming.

Lots of berries on the rovanberry, or moutain Ash, tree, means a long cold winter coming.



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