Up the creek witout a paddle

A friend of mine asked me, Oddvin, do you feel you  up the creek without a paddle. I knew what he ment, but to be sure I looked it up in Google.

http://www.joe-ks.com/phrases/phrasesU.htm  there I found this great link on phrases, explaining them, and their history and meanings, enjoy your favorites.

My friend asked, because I am back in BC, now in Sechelt, where I lived from 82 to 92, now a pensioner, looking for something meaningful to do, and somewhere to live. I have been Canadian Citizen since 79, and lived here from 66 to 97, so therefore I am actually back home, and that is how I feel, welcomed home.

I do have a full-scale back up plan, a project in Algarve, Portugal, a property that belongs to a church need renovation, cleaning, planting, reestablishing to a productive church park site, a perfect challenge for me, but do not get your hopes up, I like and prefer BC right now, and the average temperatures and climate here is to my liking. And, the golf courses are just as good, year round.

Met one fellow today, coming in the local watering hole on his big bike, Oddvin , he asked, how are you doing, we both had Scottish Highlander cattle in those times, he still has one. Met another in his 30 s one day, Mr. Vedo, he said nice to see you. He had the Mr., because he was a kid when I worked with his father.

Yes, it is strange, to have suitcases and a golf bag at my sons place, and basically live out of my car, comfortable, a good tent, all the clothes I need, a few fishing rods, a small propane grill, good old time camping equipment, oil lamp, methyl hydrate stove, a big cooler, with ice refills every couple of days. Some stores give you a bag of ice if you purchase $35 or more.

One provincial park campsite, Porpoise Bay, have showers, but I like Roberts Creek, you can have an open fire, even in this dry summer. All sites have toilets and running water, what more do you need. If you, like me, have forgotten how much fun it is to camp, try it again, but, get a real army cot from an Army and Navy store, and sleep like a king. Get the larger wide one, probably made for senior officers. They fold up or down in seconds.

And, yes, at my or our age, a real down sleeping bag, or a down quilt, that makes the night a pleasure. Do not store any food in your tent, and the bears will not visit you. Keep all food in a cooler, and in the trunk of your car. Even the home-made plum wine you got from a friend. I will also attract wasps and insects.

Passed by a garagesale today, that is not easy for me to do, so I stopped and looked. . No, they are not selling garages, they are selling all the junk and stuff they have stored in their garages, thing they have collected, never used, never needed. You fin everything, I find all stuff that I need. I saw an unopened Eriksen Oljeklede forkle, from Aalesund, my home town in Norway, this from about the sixties, I was tempted.

I passed by an axe, nice old handle, good steel, and after a few returns to the seller, we agreed on $3, and I got another steel double axe, without a shaft, included in the price. I already have two god small camping axes, but just sharpening these, will be a treat.

Oh yes, I saw a cassette, collection of popular hits, from the fifties. My car has a cassette player, but you can not find them in stores anymore, ask you grandparents, they are a generation or two before the CD, and about the same age as the eight track. Anyway, I purchased this one for 50 cents, and it works, I now have music in my car. It sounds like a Bing Crosby voice, singing old en goodies, I had hoped for a Jim Reeves, a Frank Sinatra, annd would have settled for a Ann Murray.

The main benefit of camping, to me, is to sit like now, with just the light from the small portable pc screen, running on batteries, and communicate with you, at quarter to eleven at night, in t-shirt and shorts, sandals long ago kicked off,  still 25 degrees warm, cooled by a breeze, tasting the home-made plum wine, hearing the cars and boats  in a distance, but having total serenity, I think  that was the right word, enjoyable peace.

Back to the creek, my friend was probably worried, how can I start over at this stage of life. At lesat I am not up shit creek, that is bad, I do not want to get there.

Well, follow my homepage, and you will find out. 5696 have done that since I started the page, not that long ago, the busiest day was July 27 with 98 people reading the page. and average about 40 each and every day. That is nice, and thank you for the greetings I get from around the world.

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