Seymour Creek, North Van. ready for the annual salmon run

Seymour Creek, hard to find for some, including me, everybody knows where it is, just under the Second Narrows Bridge, just to the east, and the east of the railroad bridge. Simply, take the right lane coming from Vancouver, the first turn of for Dollarton highway, towards Deep Cove.

You are at the Allied Shipyard site to get to the river mouth

The area you do not fish, between the bridges

Turn right at the first lights, down across the railroad, to get to Erik at Jolly Foods you turn right again, over the tracks, and you should, he has the best meat, the finest imported cheeses, and all the sardines, deli european imports,  and complementaries you need for a good meal.

A few Canada Geese at the bridge, and a river otter

To get to the Seymour Creek estuary, you continue along for a few more yards, to a roundabout, and park there somewhere and walk in. As you see from the pictures, you have the raildroad bridge on the right, no fishing from there to the Highway Bridge.

Below the railroad Bridge, it is tidal water, and if you have a tidal license, you can catch coho and pinks, see your fishing regulations.

You will see river otters and seals in the river, and fish, it is really nice.

Despite the busy surroundings, the shipyard and the river mouth is nice and calm

To get to the upper part of the same area, turn left at the first light going towards Deep Cove, then left again, into a dead-end street.

There you continue up to the bridge, where you can not access, and to the left, into a small Provincial Park, and you can walk down the river and fish on several good spots.

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