The West Coast Highway, in year 2021 or so, Vancouver to Prince Rupert.  when they can build a tunnel fromAlaska to Sibir, then we can build …..

I had not been to the west coast for a few years. Spent a few days in Vancouver, but wanted to take the new West Coast Highway to Prince Rupert. The building of this great road on the west coast ob BC had been in the news, even in europe where I lived.  It was a remarkable road development in BC and Canada, but not unique in the rest of the world, this was the future, it had to come to BC some time.

I guess the road started with the new tunnels to the Sunshine Coast and Vancouver Island. They were planned and build a few years earlier, it made sence, the ferries were outdated, the transport was clogged, the whole system said build the tunnels, like the rest of the world are solving their transport problem.

Entering the first tunnel to Bowen Island was  just part of the normal traffic, the next to Gambier we almost did not notice, and there we were on The Sunshine Coast. I had been there before , but did not recognize the area, we moved on a new highway above the settlements, and bypassed Gibson and Sechelt, and continued up the inlet , passed Egmont, and had the choice of going to Vancouver Island or continue to Rupert.

Next time I would visit the Island, but now it was on to Rupert, and from there visit The Queen Charlotte Islands, using the ferry connection. Almost like visiting the Galapagos Islands for a European. The highway around the inlets and fjords was spectacular, some by bridging, fjords  and rivers, some by tunnels, all in all, a great experience.

A trip to Lund used to be a full day, now it was an hour or so. I had only been to Bella Cola with boat, and by car to Kitimat and Rupert, but now I wanted to see what the new highway had done to the west coast. This was amazing. Desolation Sound, Rivers Inlet by car, and it went on, and on. Why was this not done years ago, so that I could enjoy in my youth, not as a pensioner.

……more to come ………..

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