Roots in Sechelt

The sun barely makes it to the groundChapman Creek west side at full tide

Monday 0808 I think, this camping is getting to me, yes I looked for jobs to-day, yes I was in town, yes I walked the beach in Davis Bay, and to Mission Point, looked at the home I lived in for 10 years, and paid for.

I took some nice pictures of the beach, and especially the driftwood, any of these roots or logs hit your boat, you sink, no matter what.

Still fascinated by the bird and wildlife. The hummingbirds are plenty, Anna and Rufus, Anna is the bigger one, and they often stay all year. On the fire I have mais corn cobs from Chilliwack, nice and sweet, some onions, also in aluminum foil, and some sausages.

Here is a black bear with two cubs around, so I burn all garbage, or take it to town.

Third or fourth night, this is getting better, last night the coyotes were howling, about two after midnight, one started, then one from the east, then another one from the north, chatting, not like wolves, not like dogs, but loud, and clear, you can hear them for miles, although the closest one was not far away.

Went into town and recharged th batteries on pc and mobile. I am amazed over the pc, over 7 hours after a fresh charge. My new hone, a cheap Samsung, not so impressed, it fails on every point.

Camping in Roberts Creek Provincial Park. I must admit, have not camped for a few years, but I stayed over one winter in the bush, the real bush, at my Sugar Lake Property, that was real camping, not for pussies.

This weekend is writers festival in Sechelt, every motel is full, every campground, marina, back yard is full. But I got in early and got site 19 at Roberts Creek Provincial Park.

A really nice place, I can hear the highway traffic, and I can hear the boats going by. Tall trees, very tall trees, old forest campground. Water and toilets, no hot showers.  I picked up a tent, and an army cot, now all set up, pictures later when I get power supply.

I really am an outdoorsman, and although this is convenience, it is the real outdoors. The sign at the gate says not to feed the bears, because then they have to shoot them. A fed bear is a dead bear. But I am only feeding the birds. In between the tall Cedars and Firs,  it is already dark at seven.

I will stay here over the weekend, get the system working, with the tent and the cooking. Then, if I can, I will next week get up on logging roads, to some nice small fishing lakes, and camp there.  I know I have to get a job, and that I can not live on a small pension, but, with nice weather like this, I have to enjoy life, and this beautiful country. After all, I do get in to Sechelt every day and meet friends and former associates.

Sechelt was my home from 82 until 92, good times, except my marriage. I developed a lot of roots in the whole area, from Langdale to Egmont on the shore, and may be more on the waters, including the Sechelt, and Jervis inlets, the Desolation Sound, Georgia Straights, and I will share some with you.

Staying today and tomorrow at the excellent Upper Deck, a hostel on the roof of the bus station, just a few rooms, common kitchen, barbecue on a large sundeck, a real up[per deck. And, most of all, very reasonable, but, can be difficult to get a room.

I have therefore invested in an army fold out bed, a couple of fold out canvas chairs, an oil lantern, a small portable gas grill barbecue, water cans, a cooler with food stuff, cooled by bags or blocks of ice, available anywhere, some places free with any purchase. All I need is a tent, but I want a square, tall, old style, or I get a large tarp and some twine.

The beaches on the Sunshine Coast are famous for lots of, and some very large, driftwood. Logs and roots, It is not a good idea and cut up for firewood, they are salty and will rust your oven and fireplace, and they need years to dry. Many artist make carvings and decorations of the driftwood they find along the beaches.

Drove around and looked for roadside camping spots today, found some, one nice, in the forest, no creek, but nice, where I used to have a lease, and had lots of animals on a five-mile stretch, under the power lines, between Roberts Creek and The Sechelt Airport. I had Scottish Highlander cows, Horses, including some Fjord horses, and some sheep.

Thesetiny branches get only a short touch of the sun rays

All these kept the freezer full of meats for my family and others, and good trading stuff for fish and garden produce, that i could not get myself. There are several small creeks that runs through this area, all of them with fish, local and sea going. Yes there are black bears, but they have lots of food they prefer, and very seldom bothered my animals, I observed them eating from the same bush, the cows the leaves, the bears the berries, and they ignored each others, or tolerated the situation. I never had a bear kill in the 10 years I had animals there,but local dogs killed some sheep, but that was not the dogs faults, the owner left up north for a wedding, and left the dogs unattended, he newer paid for the damage and suffering of the sheep, but when he came home he found six sheep caucuses on his doorsteps, smelling after a week or so in the hot sun, and his dogs at the SPCA shelter.

At the Visitors Center, I found a plug in outside, and free internett

We had a beautiful home on almost three acres, on the Chapman Creek estuary, in Davis Bay, at Mission point itself, view over the Georgia Straight, could not be better. A tidal fish pond in the lower yard, chickens, and pigs, often a few sheep and or some horses to keep the grass down. Vegetables and all kinds of herbs from the garden, berries galore, grapes and Kiwi covering the whole front of the two-story house, a heaven on earth, until you come home from work one day and your key does not fit, that happened a few times actually, but I still think we had a good marriage, and the kids loved the place.

This old Red Ceder got its top broken off when small, look at it now, what a sight

The place is worth more now, than all the money I have made in my whole life, just a perspective. Tomorrow I am baying a tent or a large tarp, and spending a few night at the pasture area. Yes I saw bear droppings there, they are black and runny at this time, from all the berries, but they will not bother me, there are lots od food, and I know how to pack my food away.

Porpoise Bay Provincial Park in the distance

Discussing this with my son today, I expressed that I am doing this because I want to, like getting back to my roots, I will be back at The Upper Deck for a room and a shower after a few days. But sleeping outside, in the warm summer nights, away from city lights, it is something that one love or dislike, I love it.  

When I lived in Vernon, actually at my Sugar Lake property, an hour and a half drive from Vernon, on good summer roads, I stopped and slept in my old Mercedes a couple of times a week, after a soccer game, I played for over 35 and over 45, and coached the ladies team, and then the pub. I had a few favorite places, among hay bales on farmers fields, me and my border collie Lita, we slept until the sun was up, and then carried on home. Windows down, a towel over the sunroof, seats in lay back position, as good as life can get, on the road.

Porpoise Bay at low tide,

Gone with the wind. On the ferry the other day, it was nice and warm, and after waiting for hours at the terminal, because of some problems, we finally got on board. I can still not understand, why we have not built tunnels, to the Sunshine Coast and over to Vancouver island, it is easy, simple, and the way to travel in this century, forget the ferries.

Anyway, at the top deck it was a really nice breeze, and as many others i took my shirt off, partly to dry the sweat off, partly to get cooled down, and mostly to get some sun. As I was shaking the shirt in the wind, I saw a twenty-dollar note flying out of my shirt pocket, down the deck like a leaf in the wind. I do not have any to spear, and I will never have any in my shirt pocket again, at least not on the ferries.

The beach in Porpoise Bay where a large new housing development is taking place. On this site I ran Master Marine Canada Ltd. for a few years, mostly making fish farm float

As the note flew along the steel deck, ready to go overboard, I realized that it was gone for ever. Suddenly a little girl ran forward, stepped on it, retrieved it, and with a great smile and scream, she held it up to show her mother. She never looked my way, to see where it came from, but she deserved  it more than me.

I saw a falcon today, I think it must have been a Peregrine, it was very high in the sky, but the size and flight was definitely a falcon. Nice to see.

more …….. Shit, I just wrote a long  story, it was not registered, the Roger Internet Stick is no god for most use, only to get an email now and then. I must quit now, will write when I have internet connection.  more……

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