Capilano Canyon, a nice walk with Bowie

The Capilano Canyon from the Hatchery and down to the waterfront is about 2 hr., but there a man shorter versions, and all nice trails. The firshermen are after the first Coho, arriving about these days.

The Capilano was very clear today, I did not see any fish, but the anglers vere plenty.

A crew was clearing up some branches, to get some more sunlight into the bottom of the canyon.

Bowie was afraid of the bordwalks, but once she saw that they held me, she trottet along, carefully.

On a nice dry day, it is still moist in the underbrush, and the growt is lush and green. A lovely place for a walk. The old red ceder and fir stumps and roots have all new trees growing from them. One can see on every old stup the signs of the loggers that felled the large trees. About a meter and a half up the stump, you see the square hole they cut, to put a board into, to stand and balance on, while they sawed the tree down.                                                                                                   http://www.pac.dfo-mp

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