Summertime on the Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast is a 45 min. ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver, no tunnels yet, I will try to change that and get them started.

Egmont, end of the road, gateway to Skocumchuck 

I am spending some nice summer days here, visiting and meeting old friends from 20 or more years back. visited Gibsons Marina today, a very active recreational port, 2 years waiting list for permanent moorings. This is the area where the very popular TV series was filmed, The BeachCombers, ran at the time in 36 countries . Some of the houseboats, or floating homes or cabins, have small electric outboards to make them qualified as boats.

Staying at a very reasonable place called The Upper Deck, $ 40 a night, like living on the top deck of a fair size vessel, with indoor kitchen facilities, outdoor barbecue grill, sundeck arrangements, and lots of decorations from the past. hl=en&biw=1024&bih=457&tbm=isch&sa=1&

Some things have changed, most to the better, some friends have passed away, but many are still around, and it is wonderful to see them again. The fauna, flora and bird life on the coast is exceptional, and the fishing is world-famous. The coast is most famous for the beeches, the coves, and all the waterfront properties, and of course, the amount of hours of sunshine, many more than Vancouver, because of the open water and mountains in  behind.

I visited the pasture area I leased from the crown, about five km. under the hydrolines from Roberts Creek to Sechelt Airport. From 82 to 92 I had Scottish Highlander Cows, Norwegian Fjord horses, and some others, sheep and a few other creatures pasturing in this lush environment. Now it is all grown back to raincoast forest, impossible to walk into.

I could see the rainbow trout and fingerlings from other species in several small brooks and creeks that flow through the area, almost tears to my eyes with memories.

I have posted pictures of this venture earlier.

I first moved here in 82 and had the job as Economic Development Commissioner for The Sunshine Coast Regional District.

The Government position included a biannual aquaculture trade fair and conference, called Aqua West, started in 83, biannual, in opposite years as the Aqua Nor in Trondheim, Norway. From 84 I also ran ExpoOasis 86, a trade show and tourism showcase of The Sunshine Coast, much oriented to the aquaculture industry that had a gold rush around that time. 


Representing the Sunshine Coast during the world fair Expo 86, where we had a display at the Pan Pacific.

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