From the past / about as far back as my life goes

this is an email that showed up one day, I love it, this is history, it is a very small world

Hello there Oddvin! Came across your BLOG. I ran into and rode
Harley’s with your childhood girlfriend in Norway!! You were in the Army, she,
and you were teenagers!! It is so funny how this came about!! She was a
neighbour of mine in Arizona and from Seattle!! A hairdresser! Her name is Anna
Lisa!! Very independent Biker Babe!! There was a Picture hanging on her wall!! I
stared at it, and, said to her I know that Face??!! She said to me, “He was my
sweetie years ago in Norway”!!! Oddvin Vedo!!!! I said I know Oddvin!! She was
stunned!! I was stunned!! I told her I heard you were in the Okanagon raising
some kind animals!! Since then, she moved to Lake Havusu City. I lost touch with
you!! So, now I see you are back in Norway!! Tim and my son Brad Copping played
hockey together!! He is 38 on July 3rd!! Time flies!! It looks like you are 70?
I just turned 65!! Still have South Coast ……. in ………… But, we moved to West
Kelowna, and live here now!! Give me an email when you have
time.  Regards,
Bill  …………

hi Bill,
thank you for contacting me, it was like a visit into the past. After
Sechelt, ca \92, I went to Vernon BC and worked there for the Okanagan Indian
Band for about 5 years, bought a timber property at Sugar Lake, lived in the
bush for a year or so. Then I just spent 14 years in Norway, and now back to BC.
I have two boys in Vancouver, but will probably settle in Sechelt or Okanagan,
looking for a place and something meaningful to do.
Anne Lise was the reason, If I needed any, to travel to North America, she
was in Seattle, and Vancouver was the closest without going to Vietnam, not
that I was against the war, I had just spent a year in the Norwegian Kings
Guard, and could not think of wearing an army tie for a while.
Anne Lise and I never met, until about 25 years later, but for a brief
time, a one evening in Bellingham, but for a couple of weeks, in Norway, in 65,
we were young soul mates.
Tim has grown up and is running his father’s business, and doing well. My
two other boys both established in Vancouver.
Again, thanks for the contact,
be in touch
and Bill, I am only 66 and one half young
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