Ulf Remembers the Skokumchuck

Note from Ulf, I will try to find link to the origional article

Hi Oddvin!
I happen to be in Europe and I happen to see your story about our
rowing close to the rapids….

I hope you are doing well, I believe in
the B.C.

I remember exactly how we ended the trip and one stupid decision
from us. Not to go on the fishing trip but denying need of help.

To start
with the end. You had been rowing for a while and started to get tired when we
got closer to the island. Also the current was very strong close to the

I replaced you and I rowed and I rowed and I rowed ……… but
nothing seemed to happen…. The current was too strong so the last few meters
the rowing was almost impossible….we did not gain ground….. we did not get
closer to the island.

I still remember the sound. I first thought it was
thunde and then realized it must be a waterfall.

Knowing that I know we
had no alternative than to reach the island. But I made no gain and the water
was deep so we could not jump in to the water. Also I could not let go of the
rowing. A split second rest would take us meters away from the island and we
were only 5-6 meters away.

I took a decision. I needed to row or die. I
remember saying something like: “Two hours – One meter!”

I row with all
what I was worth to gain the last meter so we could jump in shallow water and
not be swept away.

We did at one point get approached by a motorboat
asking us if we liked help. Two things made us say no. We were still out on open
water and did not understand the power of the current as we came to experience
it closer to the island. The second reason was young proud and stupidity. We
were too proud and plain stupid to admit that were in trouble.

I can stil
remember the relief we felt sitting safe on the island and the 6 hours wait was
nothing – we were alive!!!!!

First time I saw a picture of the fall and
the rapids when I read your article.

All the best to you

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