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Norways mad bomber, reactions from all over the world

In this space I will include relevant articles I see, and I will try not express my personal opinions. It is time for support and healing, to learn from yesterday, live for today, and plan for the future. I am in Vancouver … Continue reading

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Se denne serien om ville dyr midt i byen og hagene rundt omkring  

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Norge / Canada, artikkel om immigrasjon – The Canadian immigration system, which assesses points to applicants based on  such assets as education and language, ensures greater adaptability. More than  half of migrants to Canada from Africa and Asia have some form of post-secondary  education, whereas … Continue reading

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Capilano Canyon, a nice walk with Bowie The Capilano Canyon from the Hatchery and down to the waterfront is about 2 hr., but there a man shorter versions, and all nice trails. The firshermen are after the first Coho, arriving about these days. The Capilano was … Continue reading

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Dog and cat sitting in Vancouver

Aug. first is a Holiday, this is a long weekend, my son and his wife left at five this morning , hoping to get on the first ferry to Vancouver Island. I am dog and cat sitting, we are going to have … Continue reading

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A few tears at the Lighthouse Pub, that nobody noticed.

The late evening sun lite up the Sechelt Inlet, layers of mountains getting bluer and darker, from dark green to dark blue, with the snow capped ones highest at the end. The floatplanes, at least six of them, lined up, ready for … Continue reading

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Summertime on the Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast is a 45 min. ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver, no tunnels yet, I will try to change that and get them started. Egmont, end of the road, gateway to Skocumchuck  I am spending some … Continue reading

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