Visiting Sechelt and the Sunshine Coast

An early morning ferryride to Langdale   is one of the nicest trips one can take. The ferry goes from Horseshoe bay to Langdale. I like to propose to build undersea tunnels, much easier than the big elephant ferries. Gibsons is a small town with a dock and a really nice marina, built and operated by an old friend, Arthur M., one of th  e few real gentlemen around.

Drive through Roberts Creek to Davis Bay and on to Sechelt. I lived in Davis Bay for seven long good years, and would have liked to live there for the rest of my life, but then I would have to stay married, and happily so, to make that work.

Sechelt og Vancouver har palmetr’r, det viiste du ikke, det er Chinese Fan Palm, de trives her.

Bjørn hadde fersk østers, og mye mer på grillen.


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