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Salmon farming’s ripple effect highlighted in new publication

June 22, 2011
The contribution members of the BC Salmon Farmers Association make to coastal
communities is something we’re all very proud of.

And it’s that work that’s being highlighted in the latest informational
pamphlet produced by the BCSFA.

The community outreach brochure shows through a clear visual display the kind
of reach salmon farming businesses and suppliers have across Vancouver Island,
into the mainland and even across the country.

“We stress the importance of three pillars of sustainability: environmental,
social, economic – this economic activity is providing stability for communities
by offering steady, year round work for people of many different backgrounds,”
said Mary Ellen Walling, Executive Director of the BCSFA.

The new pamphlet – which also seeks to answer some questions about salmon
farming and direct people to where they can find more information – will be
distributed within the industry’s operating communities in the coming months. It
will also be used as a handout during events the BCSFA is involved in.

“The people working in salmon farming know about our good work – with this
publication we hope to educate others as well,” said Walling.

This publication is one of the many ways the BCSFA seeks to increase public
awareness of their business – they also participate in regular food shows, host
a public tour program and maintain the bcsalmonfacts.ca website where people can
discuss the industry.

To get copies of the new brochure, contact the BCSFA office at 1-800-661-7256
or info [at] salmonfarmers [dot] org


To see the community brochure, click here.

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