24 years with a St.Bernard’s in the house

I always had a St.Bernard dog living in the house, I can not tell you how bad and sad it is to live without one, but now when Wilson is buried, I can tell how it is to live without one.

You still hear him during the night, drinking water from a bucket, half a bucket every night. You hear him moving from one place to another, he drops down like a heavy sack. And the snoring, he snores like an elephant, I have never heard an elephant snore, but I have a fair idea. The other nightly noises, I will not describe them, most people can imagine a 100 Kg. that eats everything, and some more, all this has to be digested, usually at night, and the noise and smell is a natural by-product og all this pleasure.

He thought a frozen mackerel was a stick of ice cream, I told him so, and he liked it. God bless his soul. He was not dum, not at all, he knew the routine at home. I got up, had a shower, checked the mail, the news, did som chores, started to get dressed. At this critical point when I put on clothes to wear for the outside; that is when he lifted the eyebrows, not quite awake, but getting ready. As soon as the shoes or booths came out, he was wide awake, beside me, making sure I knew that he was awake, smelling at everything I put on, as to approve it, when I grabbed the car keys, he was already at the door.

Sometimes he opened the door himself, it was not a problem for him. I usually found him sleeping outside, or he got back in, or the neighbors would call and let me know where he was wandering around. It was not always the dogs he followed the smell of, he liked hedgehogs, and an occasional fox that came by to steal his bones.

I will for the rest of my life be prepared to confront him in my dreams, a wet thonge kiss, in the middle of the night, some nine-inch thonge licking your face, more a girls dream, but in my and his defence, he liked me, and showed it. He licked his ball with the same thounge, dogs do that because they can, I just got up and washed my face, I was newer able to explain to him that it was not pleasant for me.

Now I can leave doors open, I can walk away from my portable pc without closing it, I can leave food here and there, glasses and things will not be waived onto the floor with his tail. The tail was higher that the dining table, about 36″ to the top of his back, the table is 28″ hight. Nothing is safe on a dining table.

He was newer allowed to put his feet into my bed, that he understood from young age. But he grew, and already at a young age he could stand beside the bed and lay down into it, without  his feet ever came close. The he wiggled into the center, and I got nearer the other side. he enjoyed this so much, that I liked it also, how could one say no to this many pounds of love. After a few knee kicks, he knew that it would be easier if he laid down beside the bed, and that he did, snoring and performing the usual bodily functions. Some mostly used at sleep in the night.

The most funny for me, is the on the back, all four legs in the air, kicking at different intervals, snoring and farting, totally relaxed, totally comfortable. I do it, horses do it, dogs do it, I seldom seen any person do it,  totally comfortable, kicking in the air, it must be the most relaxing position that can be ?

“Larsen” was nine years when he dissapeared from the farm in Burns Lake. The main trail is that the neighbour cought him in an illegal wolf trap. God bless you “Larsen”. Hans is the skier.

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